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Postcards from Parker
Thursday, August 27, 2009

Aloha from Scottsdale where I'm home following last week's Wyndham Championship. I'm here for the playoffs, which is strange to say. I feel kind of like a disappointed football team that has to watch the "playoffs" on TV like everyone else.

I am disappointed about not advancing to this year's version of the FedEx Cup playoffs, but I am not discouraged. Over the past month or so I've given myself opportunities to put some good scores together. I missed the cut by one shot last week without really taking advantage of the chances I gave myself.

I've spent many weeks this season scrambling, making par putts and still missing cuts by a few. It was frustrating, but encouraging to have the opportunities but just not make many putts in Greensboro.

I'm excited to be home for a good bit of time and just go back to work on my game. I want to take some of the momentum I'm feeling and make sure it carries over to the fall. I'm really eager to get back out on the course for the fall and I'll use that to drive my practice sessions while I'm home.

Speaking of home, Kristy and I are moving into a new house during the next few weeks. We purchased a home in Scottsdale last fall and finished up the renovations in the past few weeks. We are very excited and will be spending the coming days packing boxes and staying busy during the playoffs.

Thanks to my loyal fans for being so supportive and I'm excited to kick some butt this fall!




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